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Rules and Regulations For US Student Visa

Every year, out of the thousands of students vying for the coveted student visa to US, many are unable to qualify for it because of the numerous requirements by the USCIS. However, if you are enrolling for an academic program, it is best to know about the different student visa for the colleges and universities. As a non-immigrant student, ensure that you have checked the credentials for the university and that it is SEVP certified.

There are different student visas and those students looking to attend a conservatory, private elementary school, seminary, high school, university and college are eligible for the F visa while those students looking to get an admission at a non-academic institute, vocational training program and language training academy is eligible for the M-visa. But if you are looking to join a short recreational study program that is less than 18 hours, you can do it on a Visitor visa but if the course is more than 18 hours a week or more than 7 days, you need to have a student visa.

Additionally, if you have to attend conferences, seminars or program of study as an academic credit in US you will require a student visa. It is best to apply for the student visa to US with ample time to ensure that there are no hassles. The student visa is issued within 120 days, by the US Consulate before the course registration by filing in the Form I-20. The embassy holds the application till the visa is issued.

As per the Department of Homeland Security regulation, the students are advised that the students have to be in US 30 days or less prior to attending the academic session. If any student is looking to come to US more than 30 days before the academic session starts, a tourist visa will be needed while you'll have to make the intention of study clear to the officers at the Immigration and port of entry to US. After a few days, the change of status has to be applied by filing the Form I-539 and you will need to submit the Form I-20 at the Department of Homeland Security. You will not be able to start your academic session if the visa category is not changed.

For the students that are already enrolled in an academic course can apply for a new visa anytime that they like. However they should have student status and current records at the SEVIS and can enter US at their convenience before their Study in UK classes start. But as every university or college has their own rules and regulations, the student needs to check with them too.

In case you are unable to get the right direction as you plan on submitting for a student visa, it is best to take the assistance of an immigration attorney or international student services to ensure that the application and documentation is done as needed. Any mistake or lapse on your part can negate your chances of being eligible for a student visa to USA.

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